Cortino Sukotjo, DDS, Ph.D, MMSc, one of our visiting professor from Illinois, Chicago

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  • Posted 04 April 2018

At 12th – 23rd March 2018, our campus has been visited by Cortino Sukotjo, DDS, Ph.D, MMSc, one of our visiting professor from Illinois, Chicago. That was not his first experience to visit Surabaya, but it was his first time to visit Airlangga University and Airlangga Dental hospital and exploring in depth. Amazed by how beautiful our campus is, he said that this building is the most beautiful dental school in Indonesia. “I really enjoyed coming to campus at 7.30 am in the morning, and listening to the sound of the birds chipping and observing the beautiful and colorful scenery and people playing badminton on Friday morning”, added him.

Cortino got his specialist of prosthodontics at Harvard University. When we asked why he choose to take a specialization at prosthodontics, he said that he likes to do some art work with his hands. To be a prosthodontics you have to be a perfectionist person indeed, because you have to make a perfect preparation so it could be comfortable and usable for a patient. Beside that, a prostohodotics also have to be a critical when facing a tough cases like full mouth rehabilitation cases. He believes that Prosthodontists are in demand in the developing country like Indonesia where restorative treatment is needed. So prosthodontics are still much needed and the future of a prosthodontist is bright.

Besides giving lectures about academic system, organization, international journal publication, one of the main topic is about implant boot camp. He gave an intensive 1-week class about implant dentistry for periodontics, prosthodontics and conservative discipline residents. In this class, he taught students how to do literature review, how to make a research project, and how to make a scientific presentation. In addition, he also showed many implant cases, starting from simple ones to the complex ones. They also conducted an implant hands-on laboratory exercise, where students learn to place implants and make implant level impression. One of the advantage from this class is Airlangga University residents now should be very knowledgeable about implant dentistry in comparison to other residents from other institutions.


“You need to treat your patient as a person, not based on their disease on their teeth. Please remember: if you treat a disease, you will lose or win, but if you treat a person, you will win regardless what the outcome is.”, said Cortino when asked about what the best feature a skillful dentist should have. Plus, all of the students of Dental Medicine of Airlangga University are studying at one of the best dental school in Indonesia, so we shold be proud of it and take the advantages as much as we can.

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